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R E C E N T     P R E S S    H I G H L I G H T S

Girl in the Woods  made The Guardian's annual top 50 list,"50 of the year's most interesting books."


Girl in the Woods received the ELLE Letters 2015 Reader's Prize


In this #SurvivorSpotlightAspen Matis talks about her 2,650-mile walk along the West Coast, and her new book that shares how she found healing after a sexual assault.


The New York Times names Aspen Matis “a hero.”


"You know a book is good when a class of publishing grad students can’t put it down. The week we received advanced copies of Girl In the Woods, class was quieter...We were, of course, reading our new favorite book." 

“It felt good in the way that feeling sore after exercising feels good, when you’re uncomfortable,” says Matis. “This strengthening pain was “a growing pain… as [John] Steinbeck says, 'an aching kind of growing.' ”


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