Aspen’s walk is the story of how her recklessness became her salvation. She hiked from California’s southernmost desert, all the way to Canada, crossing a border in the woods and in her mind. 

Please join her in raising funds to help other victims of rape find support, and healing, and cross their own borders to places of amnesty from shame.

Aspen is donating 5% of GIRL IN THE WOODS' profits to RAINN.

“RAINN’s anonymous and free hotline, open always, there always, offered me my empathetic witness whenever I needed one. The voice through the hotline told me: It was not my fault, I didn’t cause it. Rapists cause rape.

Help me fund the hotline so other girls and boys who are confused and ashamed and hurting can hear these truths.”  

————  A S P E N   M A T I S